Acrylic, marker, pen on paper
Chris Ruys

Personal statement from Chris Ruys

I've sketched and painted since childhood, and practiced public relations nearly all my adult life. These are my passions. As I continue to pursue both, I'm struck by what art and public relations have in common.

1. Each begins with a blank canvas on which we create, step-by-careful step, an end product to attract an audience and make an impact.

2. While the big picture is important, we pay close attention to details.

3. We use proven tools, both traditional and contemporary, to complete the work.

4. Collaboration produces better results than a singular view.

5. Taking risks and coloring outside the lines can bring happy surprises.

6. A variety of perspectives add depth to the picture.

7. We trust our instincts because we know they're based on hard-won experience.

8. Loud, splashy, and costly may create attention, but can be wasteful and inappropriate.

9. Commitment and perseverance drives progress.

10. Inspiration and passion, combined with dedication to the work, leads to success.

For works by Chris Ruys, visit www.chrisruysgallery.com